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1.What is PROOF?

PROOF is PROtected Online Filing. It enables companies to protect themselves from unauthorised changes to their company's record as it prevents the filing of certain paper forms. These include documents for an appointment/termination/change of particulars of company officers and the change of the registered office.

Once you have successfully joined the scheme, Companies House will reject any paper versions of these forms and send them back to the registered office address.  This will help ensure that any changes made have been registered by the company itself.

2. How do I register my company for PROOF?

You must register for PROOF via the WebFiling service. To join, first sign-in or register for WebFiling, then select the ‘Join PROOF'’ link on your company overview screen.  Tick the checkbox to agree to the Terms and Conditions before selecting ‘Protect this company’.

Once your company is in the PROOF scheme, you can be assured that attempts to file the following forms on paper will be rejected:

  • annual return
  • change of registered office address
  • appointment, termination or change of particulars of company officer

It is, therefore, vital that anyone who is authorised to file on behalf of the company is notified about the PROOF scheme, to avoid unnecessary rejected paper documents. 

If you have not signed up to the WebFiling service, please read further details.

3. Is there a charge associated with PROOF?

No. The PROOF scheme is free of charge.

4. Will I receive confirmation that I have registered for PROOF?

Yes. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your electronic application has been submitted and then a further email when we have processed your application to tell you whether or not it was successful.

5. I have submitted my application to join PROOF but have not received an email to confirm that it has been accepted. Should I re-submit?

No. Applications to join PROOF may take up to 48 hours to process. Please check the PROOF status on your company overview screen to confirm the progress of your request.

6. How do I know if my company is already registered for PROOF?

You can view your company's PROOF status at the top of your company overview screen. If the padlock icon is locked, it indicates the company is registered for PROOF or open if it is not registered. Applications to join or leave PROOF which are in progress are indicated by a clock icon.

7. What filings are covered by PROOF?

The following filings are covered by the PROOF scheme:

  • Annual Return (AR01)
  • Appointment of director (AP01)
  • Appointment of corporate director (AP02)
  • Appointment of secretary (AP03)
  • Appointment of corporate secretary (AP04)
  • Change of director's details (CH01)
  • Change of corporate director's details (CH02)
  • Change of secretary's details (CH03)
  • Change of corporate secretary's details (CH04)
  • Termination of appointment of director (TM01)
  • Termination of appointment of secretary (TM02)
  • Change of registered office address (AD01)

The PROOF scheme will reject paper submissions of the above forms only; any other form type filed on paper can be accepted. 

8. Can I file a paper version of a form if I need to even though I've joined PROOF?

Yes. A 'Paper Consent' form will need to be completed. To obtain a Paper Consent form, please call our contact centre on 0303 1234 500. Please note that the use of the Paper Consent form is limited as per the Terms and Conditions applicable to PROOF and should only be used if absolutely necessary.

9. What other documents outside the PROOF scheme can I file electronically?

The following filings can also be submitted using WebFiling:

  • Notification of single alternative inspection location (SAIL) (AD02)
  • Notification of location of company records to the single alternative inspection location (SAIL) (AD03)
  • Change of location of company records to the registered office (AD04) Return of Allotments of Shares (SH01)
  • Change of Accounting Reference Date (AA01)
  • Audit Exempt Abbreviated Accounts
  • Dormant Company Accounts (DCA)

10. How do I leave the PROOF scheme?

You can leave the PROOF scheme by selecting the 'Leave PROOF’ link on your company overview screen. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your electronic request to leave the scheme has been successfully processed by us.

Please note that leaving the PROOF scheme means that your company will no longer be protected against fraudulent filings on paper.

11. I don't want to join the PROOF scheme. How can I stop the prompt that appears once I have filed a document using the WebFiling Service?

The page is displayed as a reminder for those who have not protected their companies against fraudulent filings on paper. This prompt will be displayed each time the user files a document via WebFiling, unless the user has already signed up to the PROOF scheme online.

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