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Same Day Services FAQs

A same day service relates to documents delivered to the Registrar that, for a premium fee, are fast tracked and processed on the day of receipt where possible.

Same Day Paper Process

The same day incorporation service provides for registration of a company name (if available) and collection or despatch of certificates on the day. The images of the documents accessed through the Companies House online services are generally made available within 3 working days.

Which filings are possible on a "same day" basis?

Limited Companies:

  • Same-day incorporation
  • Same-day change of name
  • Same-day simultaneous re-registration and change of name
  • Same-day re-registration,
  • Same day reduction of capital by solvency statement
  • Same day reduction of capital by court order

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs):

  • Same day incorporation of a LLP
  • Same day LLP change of name

Overseas Companies:

  • Same day registration of a UK establishment of an Overseas Company,
  • Same day change of corporate name or alternative name of an Overseas Company

Limited Partnerships (LPs):

  • Same day registration of a Limited Partnership

Does Companies House offer other same day services?


  • Same day certified copy of document by post
  • Same day certified copy of document collection at a Companies House Information Centres
  • Same day (copy of) certificate of Incorporation by post
  • Same day (copy of) certificate of Incorporation collection at a Companies House Information Centres
  • Additional faxed copy of same day certificate

What are the prices for same day services?

Same day services attract a higher fee than their standard equivalents. This reflects the additional costs involved in the fast track process. A full price list for all Companies House products, filings and services can be found at:

How do I ensure that my applications are dealt with on a Same Day basis?

When filing 'Same Day' applications by post, courier or by hand presenters should check that all of the relevant documents and any supporting evidence (if applicable) is included and that the appropriate fee is attached.

Documentation should be presented in an envelope that is clearly marked "SAME DAY SERVICE" on the top left hand corner in bold black ink. The envelope should be delivered to the appropriate Companies House office no later than 15.00 hrs Monday to Friday. If the item is being sent by courier, customers should ensure that the courier’s envelope is also clearly marked "SAME DAY SERVICE"

A single cheque covering all of the enclosed applications will be acceptable and cheques should be made payable to "Companies House".

For information regarding the Companies House Offices please go to:

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