Companies House


Companies House - Procurement Strategy

Companies House Procurement will:

  • Ensure the provision of goods and services to support the core functions of Companies House
  • Ensure the compliance of the procurement process within Companies House through effective enforcement of EU and UK government legislation
  • Ensure that the procurement policy and resultant strategies compliments and supports the overall business strategy for Companies House
  • Consider the use of Govt frameworks as the preferred method of sourcing goods and services
  • Make use of OGC ‘QUICK WINS’ contracts where appropriate
  • Promote and enable the use of the Government Procurement card for low value transactions
  • Use the procurement function to support and compliment Departmental targets and objectives for sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Ensure suitable access for SME organisations to compete for our requirements
  • Monitor the supplier database and seek to rationalise and/or consolidate where appropriate
  • Provide training and mentoring to ensure that all procurement staff are able to achieve professional procurement qualifications
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